Why choose TechnologySmart services?

TechnologySmart specializes in the recruitment and placement of Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources & Administration, and Operations professionals as well as Executive Search and hard to find Specialized Technical & Industry specific roles with leading companies in Manitoba and Western Canada.

Our team has over 25 years of industry experience and has worked for some of the largest and most respected recruitment companies both locally and worldwide. We have worked with small private businesses and large global corporations in finding and matching talented professionals with leading companies.

  • Knowledge of the market
  • Higher quality candidates
  • Faster hiring
  • Specialist recruitment knowledge
  • Extended reach

Finding The Right People

TechnologySmart strives to find the best candidate for each particular role and we believe in actively recruiting candidates for a specific role by targeting individuals with the skills and experience that match the requirements and characteristics of the position, the company and the culture. As a result, where many of our competitors are, for the most part, passive or “inventory-based” recruiters, we still believe in “Head Hunting” talent and approaching those individuals that are not actively responding to ads or potentially looking for a new role. With this methodology, we are often more successful in recruiting and placing specialized or “hard to find” positions and through our process we can ensure that the individual is making the move for the right reasons and with the best interests of both the client and candidate in mind.


Experienced Interviewing

Hidden Candidate Market

TechnologySmart’s process is thorough and we believe it’s important that we take the time to meet with our clients and fully understand the details and requirements of each role and even moreso to understand the company’s culture and values to ensure the right fit. We also believe it’s equally important to meet and work closely with candidates in understanding their needs, personal and professional motivation and ensuring that their next role places them in a better position both personally and financially for the long term.

Our best consultants