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Jason Brook

With a Computer Science degree from Leeds Becket University, Jason’s international career in technology has taken him from corporate banking and finance to sophisticated medical systems and software. Starting out in financial sales, Jason found himself as the Application Development Manager at Barclays Bank where he led a team of IT professionals. He managed large scale global projects, while providing leadership to the development team, focused on complex business issues. In 2014, Jason became a Project Manager for an advanced medical system company and managed quality assurance for multi-million dollar software system projects. Jason’s certified in IT Service Management (ITIL), and enjoys working with clients. With Jason’s extensive project and program management experience in technology, he’s found a role that merges his two passions into one: Business and Recruitment Jason’s professionalism, and strength in business, particularly the financial sector, has equipped him well when it comes to assessing the needs of his clients. Solutions-oriented, Jason’s lived and breathed finance, business, IT, and service for over 10 years and understands requirement gathering from multiple perspectives: business, technology, and people.


Computer Science Bsc | Sun Certified Java Programmer | ITIL |




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